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Raychem GUROSIL IP68 Gel

The Raychem GUROSIL Gel is designed to protect electrical connections from the ingress of water, and can be used in rooms with high humidity effects as well as in outdoor applications.

The system is tested up to 18m water depth for over 1000 hours and provides reliable protection against mechanical shock and vibration.

GUROSIL Gel is a soft-elastic hardening, amber cold casting compound that is based on hydrocarbon resins. It is environmentally friendly, halogen, silicon and isocyanate free. Quick and clean casting is simple with the help of standard caulking guns, so no special tools are required. It is easy to remove, repairable and self-resealing. Electrical connections can be tested and repaired quickly where required, even after installation had been finished.

GUROSIL Gel can be injected into any Australian-approved electrical junction box to provide the enclosed connections with high levels of protection.

Raychem GUROSIL Gel, along with the complete Raychem LV/MV range of cable accessories, is proudly distributed by GLA.

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