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Cable Glands

  • Industrial Cable Glands
  • Gland Accessories

Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Thin Wall Tubing
  • Medium Wall Tubing
  • Heavy Wall Tubing
  • Cable Breakouts
  • Cable End Caps

Joints & Terminations

  • Low-Voltage Joints up to 1kV
  • Low-Voltage Terminations for Paper & Plastic Insulated Cables
  • Low-Voltage Repair Sleeves
  • Medium-Voltage Joints up to 42kV
  • Medium-Voltage Terminations up to 42kV
  • Medium-Voltage Connection Systems up to 42kV
  • Duct Sealing Systems
  • Cable Termination & Joint Kits up to 36kV
  • Cold Silicone

Lugs & Links

  • Copper Lugs - Standard, Flared, Narrow Palm, Long Palm, Solder, Solid Palm, Cast, Stalk
  • Copper Links - Standard, Barrier, Reducing
  • Aluminium Lugs - Standard, Sector, CCT
  • Aluminium Links - Standard, Sector
  • Bi-Metal Lugs - Standard, Long Palm, Sector & Stalk
  • Bi-Metal Links - Standard, Sector
  • Custom Connectors
  • Tooling

Terminals & Connectors

  • Un-insulated Terminals
  • Pre-insulated Terminals
  • Supergrip Terminals
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Tooling

Cable Clamps

  • Single Level Clamps
  • Double Stacked Clamps
  • Dual Clamps
  • Trefoil Clamps

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