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Gilbert Lodge offers a broad range of technical products and solutions for industrial applications. Whether it be mission-critical industrial Ethernet networking equipment or M/V jointing and applications, Gilbert Lodge has a long and proud history of engineering for excellence in the industrial market.


Energy & Infrastructure

Gilbert Lodge has a proven track record of providing high performance products and services to the energy & infrastructure market. Whether supplying overhead line hardware used in energy networks experiencing some of the toughest conditions anywhere in Australia, Gilbert Lodge has consistently delivered added value to our customers through our expertise and unparalleled customer support.



Australia's diverse range of mining industries require the toughest products suitable for use in the harshest conditions imaginable. Gilbert Lodge has been supplying products and engineered solutions to the mining market for over 40 years, a track record well recognised by our customers and partners.



Transportation, especially rail, has become an integral component of the total logistics supply chain, and is one Australia's critical national networks. Rail is able to contribute reduced cost, increased efficiency and environmental benefits. Products used on the rail network need to be extremely robust, with minimal downtime for maintenance. Gilbert Lodge has been supplying products and solutions to this industry for over 80 years, from locomotives to track maintenance tools.



Gilbert Lodge has a history of providing high performance solutions to the commercial market. From electronic lighting and motor control applications in hospitality environments, to energy efficient lighting solutions in some of the world's leading hotel chains, Gilbert Lodge's proven track record with projects in this market provides our customers with complete confidence.



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A leading provider of high performance products and solutions to Australian industry since 1908.

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