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SOLARLOK PV4-PM DC Crimp Connectors

TE Connectivity's (TE) SOLARLOK PV4-PM DC connectors are designed for solar installations with extended voltage ratings of 1000 V DC IEC (TUV) and UL.

They are traditional connectors equipped with the "Standard Solar Interface". The SOLARLOK PV4-PM panel mount connectors are designed to connect PV cables to power equipment.

These connectors can be installed directly on the enclosure of the equipment, such as standard inverters, microinverters, distribution boxes, combiner boxes, and more. They conduct the current from the string and distribute it inside the equipment enclosure. The PV4-PM connectors have a round design and the flat sealing ring pre-mounted at the main connector helps create a watertight connection. Manufactured in PPE plus PS, the PV4-PM can withstand high UV exposure and extreme climatic conditions. You need standard installation tools to complete the PV4-PM installation.

The SOLARLOK PV4-PM connectors are range-taking and can cover outer cable diameters from 5,0 (IEC) / 5,5 mm (UL) to 7,8 mm. They are sold in kits that include a female and a male connector.

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