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Burn Brite launches new Versa-Lite Portable LED Lead-Lights

The Versa-Lite range of fluorescent lights is a market leader in the industrial, automotive and 4WD markets. With a reputation for long life in arduous environments the Versa-Lite is a popular light.

Burn Brite has now combined the benefits of the Versa-Lite body and the latest in LED technology. After significant R&D Burn Brite has developed a groundbreaking range of Australian-made LED portable lights.

Features & Benefits

  • Daylight white light - no blue tinge
  • A light output and beam spread similar to a Versa-Lite fluorescent
  • Robust LED light source with high output, long life LEDs
  • Optional MagnaMount to magnetically attach Versa-Lite to metal surfaces for hands-free use

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