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SOLARLOK 2.0 DC Plug Connector and Splices

TE Connectivity's (TE) SOLARLOK SLK 2.0 connectors and splices are for PV cable connection to the PV panel in installations with an extended voltage rating of 1500V TUV, IEC and UL. They can also be used in inverters. Manufactured in PPE and PS, the SOLARLOK SLK 2.0 can withstand high UV exposure and extreme climatic conditions. The connectors and the splices are gel-filled to ensure IPx8 water ingress protection. Our DC connectors are built for flame retardancy, are robust and resist animal intrusion.


SOLARLOK PV4-PM DC Crimp Connectors

TE Connectivity's (TE) SOLARLOK PV4-PM DC connectors are designed for solar installations with extended voltage ratings of 1000 V DC IEC (TUV) and UL.

They are traditional connectors equipped with the "Standard Solar Interface". The SOLARLOK PV4-PM panel mount connectors are designed to connect PV cables to power equipment.


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Burn Brite launches new Versa-Lite Portable LED Lead-Lights

The Versa-Lite range of fluorescent lights is a market leader in the industrial, automotive and 4WD markets. With a reputation for long life in arduous environments the Versa-Lite is a popular light.

Burn Brite has now combined the benefits of the Versa-Lite body and the latest in LED technology. After significant R&D Burn Brite has developed a groundbreaking range of Australian-made LED portable lights.


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