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Cable Glands

  • Industrial Cable Glands
  • Hazardous Area Cable Glands
  • Gland Accessories

Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Thin Wall Tubing
  • Medium Wall Tubing
  • Heavy Wall Tubing
  • Cable Breakouts
  • Cable End Caps

Joints & Terminations

  • Low-Voltage Joints (LV Joints) up to 1kV
  • Low-Voltage Terminations (LV Terminations) for Paper and Plastic Insulated Cables
  • Low-Voltage Repair Sleeves (LV Repair Sleeves)
  • Medium-Voltage Joints (MV Joints) up to 42kV
  • Medium-Voltage Terminations (MV Terminations) up to 42kV
  • Medium-Voltage Connection Systems (MV Connection Systems) up to 42kV
  • Duct Sealing Systems
  • Cable Termination & Joint Kits up to 36kV

Lugs & Links

  • Copper Lugs - Standard, Flared, Narrow Palm, Long Palm, Solder, Solid Palm, Cast, Stalk
  • Copper Links - Standard, Barrier, Reducing
  • Aluminium Lugs - Standard, Sector, CCT
  • Aluminium Links - Standard, Sector
  • Bi-Metal Lugs - Standard, Long Palm, Sector, Stalk
  • Bi-Metal Links - Standard, Sector
  • Custom Connectors
  • Tooling

Terminals & Connectors

  • Un-insulated Terminals - Ring, Fork, Pin, QC
  • Pre-insulated Terminals - Ring, Fork, Pin, Lip/Flat Blade, Links, Bootlace, Closed End
  • Supergrip Terminals - Ring, Fork, Pin, Lip/Flat Blade, Bullet, Links, Bootlace, QC
  • Terminal Blocks - Rail Mount, Stud Type, Fixed, QC
  • Tooling

Cable Accessories > Key Brand Profile


GLA offers under the Kitman brand a large array of cable termination and joint kits up to 36kV, assembled to customer requirements from components held in stock with a typical “same day – next day” turnaround.


The most innovative utilities and industrial companies around the world use Raychem electrical power products. Designed to withstand severe outdoor exposure over long operating lifetimes, they help maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations. Raychem heat-shrinkable materials have been widely used to insulate, seal and mechanically protect power cable since the 1960s.

TE Connectivity - Energy

The Energy Division, a global manufacturer of products and systems for the electrical power industry, is an operating unit of TE Connectivity. Their products are extensively employed by power utilities and equipment manufacturers, in rail transport systems and in industry around the world.


For over 80 years, Utilux has built an enviable reputation for high quality and reliable electrical terminals, connectors and tools and accessories. Utilux is a brand name of TE Connectivity.



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